Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance Intro

Commercial auto insurance is specifically for vehicles used in the operation of a business. It addresses certain issues pertaining to commercial vehicles that personal cars don’t have. If you have business vehicles, it is mandatory to have insurance coverage.

Coverage is for any business that relies on vehicles as part of operations. It is necessary to ensure that you can avoid unnecessary legal, medical, or repair costs.

The Details

The business must know what type of coverage they need. Then the business can buy the appropriate policy and be protected. The business must also pay the premiums consistently and on time to keep the policy active. When the time comes, the business can file a claim for assistance.


The most common type of commercial auto insurance is “per vehicle” coverage. This is usually obtained by small to medium sized businesses. Larger ones will likely find it cost-effective to buy fleet insurance. This is because fleet insurance applies to an entire fleet of vehicles, and not just to one specific vehicle.


First of all, your business vehicles are required by law to have insurance. The main benefit is that insurance puts you in compliance with the law. Second, commercial auto insurance provides protection for your vehicles. And you will receive financial help when needed.