Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance Intro

Flood insurance is specifically for people who live in flood-prone areas. When the insurance company refers to a flood, it means a natural disaster that affects more than one home. It does not refer to events such as a flood from a broken pipe. The coverage can provide financial payouts for repairs and the rebuilding of damaged real estate. It also covers personal belongings.

If you live in an official flood-zone, then you are eligible for this coverage. Any property near a body of water is likely to experience flooding during severe weather. It’s important to know that your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover floods. You need to have flood insurance.


The insurance company should know which areas are flood areas. They will determine if your home is in one of these areas. Homes near the sea, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water are generally considered high risk. Before you can file a claim, there must be an official flood as announced by a national weather association.


This insurance helps you financially in your effort to recover from damages caused by water. Any damage must be proven to be the result of the flood. Mold and mildew can develop after a flood, and this coverage will often pay for their removal. The personal items within the flooded home are also insurable.


If you own property in a flood zone, then you should have flood insurance. It’s the best way to protect your investment in your property. Floods can cause serious damage. This coverage will help you with expenses.