Motorcycle Insurance

Information about Motorcycle Insurance

A motorcycle is slightly more dangerous than most other vehicles. You don’t have the same amount of protection that’s provided by a vehicle that encompasses your entire body. Plus, drivers are less likely to see motorcycles when switching lanes. That’s why motorcycle insurance is a good investment.

This coverage protects riders from personal loss from liability, injury or damage. Motorcyclists are legally required to buy a minimum level of liability coverage. Liability coverage pays another party for accident losses for which the motorcyclists is at fault. It might cover the other driver’s medical costs, vehicle repairs, property damage and more. This coverage does not compensate the policyholder for their losses.


You can choose coverage that will compensate you for your own expenses. But keep in mind that if you have a loan out for your bike, it’s likely the lender will require you to buy a comprehensive policy. Comprehensive coverage can pay for your bike repairs or for a full replacement. Some policy provisions include medical bills compensation and payouts for lost personal property.

You don’t have to limit yourself to liability. Consider your needs, and talk with an insurance agent about what’s available. You can also shop by price, and choose what is affordable for you. Make sure the deductible is affordable so when the time comes you can actually pay the deductible. You can also ask about discounts and credits for which you might qualify.


When buying or updating a policy, make sure you understand your coverage options. Decide what is affordable to you, as for the premium and deductible.